Welcome to the FIWARE Catalogue! Here you will find all the information, documentation and tools you need as a developer to start using a Generic Enabler Implementation.

About the Catalogue

The FIWARE Catalogue is the central repository for implementations of Generic Enablers (GE) that are part of the FIWARE platform. Apart from the Generic Enablers, you will also find tools and best practices which will help you develop the applications of the Future Internet.

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No registration is necessary, simply start browsing the list of Generic Enabler Implementations to see for yourself what the FIWARE platform offers.

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FIWARE offers tailor-made tools for developing applications for the Future Internet. Whether it be custom Eclipse plug-ins, software testing suites or guidelines and best practices, odds are you will find what you need.

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Publishing a Generic Enabler

Anyone is free to create an implementation of a Generic Enabler and publish it on the Catalogue. Look at our video overview or read through our publication process to get you started.

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The FIWARE Platform

FIWARE will deliver a novel service infrastructure, building upon elements (called Generic Enablers) which offer reusable and commonly shared functions making it easier to develop Future Internet Applications in multiple sectors – building a true foundation for the Future Internet.

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