The FIWARE Catalogue contains a rich library of components (Generic Enablers) with reference implementations that allow developers to put into effect functionalities such as the connection to the Internet of Things or Big Data analysis, making programming much easier. All of them are public, royalty-free and open source!

By combining them, you can start developing your application right away. Just take a look at our guide and learn which enabler does what or get to know how they can be added to your already working application to add new functionalities. Our library will make your application smarter!

If you are not an experienced FIWARE developer, we suggest that prior navigating the FIWARE Catalogue using the links below you visit the Quick FIWARE guide for developers.


The FIWARE Catalogue will be extended to include domain-oriented enablers to be combined with those serving general purposes (Generic Enablers - GE). They will cover functionalities that are specific and will help accelerating development of applications, in certain domains.

The perfect solution to make your app focus on a specific vertical.