Publish/Subscribe Context Broker - Orion Context Broker

Data/Context Management
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What you get

The Orion Context Broker is an implementation of the Publish/Subscribe Context Broker GE, providing the NGSI9 and NGSI10 interfaces. Using these interfaces, clients can do several operations:
  • Register context producer applications, e.g. a temperature sensor within a room
  • Update context information, e.g. send updates of temperature
  • Being notified when changes on context information take place (e.g. the temperature has changed) or with a given frequency (e.g. get the temperature each minute)
  • Query context information. The Orion Context Broker stores context information updated from applications, so queries are resolved based on that information.
Apart from Orion Context Broker, there are other related components that you may find useful, such as Cygnus or Steelskin PEP. Cygnus implements a connector for context data coming from Orion Context Broker and aimed to be stored in a specific persistent storage, such as HDFS, CKAN or MySQL. Steelskin PEP is a proxy meant to secure Orion Context Broker, by intercepting every request sent to the Orion, validating it against the Access Control component.

Why you get

If you are developing a Data/Context scenario, a broker like the Orion Context Broker is a must. You would need a component in the architecture able to mediate between consumer producers (e.g. sensors) and the context consumer applications (e.g. an smartphone applications taking advantage of the context information provided by the sensors). The Orion Context Broker fulfils this functionality in your architecture.
Orion is an implementation of the FIWARE Publish/Subscribe Context Broker Generic Enabler. More specifically, Orion implements the following APIs and Open Specifications: