Advanced Web-based User Interface
Contact Person:
Cvetan Stefanovski
You can contact us with email at support@meshmoon.com

This GE is deprecated

This GE is no longer actively developed on, nor maintained (bug fixing).

Solving a problem

HTML-5 and related Web technologies provide the base technology to realize advanced user interfaces. A number of new technologies e.g CSS3 or access to novel input devices via DeviceAPI, provide capabilities previously only available in native user interface toolkits. A key component still missing in HTML is the ability for a Web application to define its own user interface components and reuse them easily as Web Components. The implementation should evaluate, provide, and possibly extend support for the necessary elements to define advanced and highly dynamic user interfaces based on HTML-5, including the ability to define reusable components for common 2D and 3D interaction techniques. The implementation should follow W3C and related standards as much as possible and extend them in suitable ways, where they are inadequate. Any new developments should be contributed back to the relevant standardization bodies.


The goal is to provide support for advanced, Web-based, highly dynamic, and potential 3D user interfaces.

What you get

A javascript library that handles generic web user interface input events like keyboard and mouse. This GE provides means to dynamically add existing input devices input events such as touch pads and gamepad, and input event abstraction to handle keyboard key and mouse button combinations.

You can find detailed information about the technical implementation of 2D-UI