3DUI - WebTundra

Advanced Web-based User Interface
Contact Person:
Cvetan Stefanovski

What you get

WebTundra is the Web client for taking realXtend 3D virtual worlds into modern web browsers. The provided TundraSDK and TundraClient can connect to a realXtend Tundra server. Implementing the Tundra network protocol via WebSocket and rendering with WebGL. For networked multiuser usage requires a Tundra server (Synchronization GE server side).

Why to get it

Develop realtime multi-user 3D applications using the realXtend platform, with the Three.js graphics API for WebGL.
WebTundra is an open source reference implementation of the FI-WARE Advanced Web Interfaces client core. It integrates 3D UI with realtime synchronization. Other GEs like Virtual Characters, Interface Designer, 2D-UI, POI and GIS clients etc. can be integrated to it as plugins. The Entity-Component based scene model from realXtend is used as the internal representation and programming model. WebTundra's network and scene modules are the client side implementation of the Synchronization GE. The 3D UI part is implemented as a view to the synchronised data, using the Three.js renderer. Limited XML3D support is provided to read the scene from an xml description, instead of using a remote server. Mapping between the realXtend EC model and the XML3D specification is described in the 3D UI Open Specification.

Community contact points

#realxtend & #realxtend-dev on freenode IRC
realxtend & realxtend-dev groups in google groups