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WireCloud Team

School of Computer Science Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Campus de Montegancedo s/n 28660 Boadilla del Monte, Madrid (Spain)

Technical questions can be asked in StackOverflow using the fiware-wirecloud tag


Quick reference guide

To get started with the WireCloud platform you can try the following links:


WireCloud documentation is available on Read The Docs. The documentation include these sections:

Other useful resources


You can ask technical questions (and browser already asked questions) in StackOverflow using the fiware-wirecloud tag.

Demo videos

To see the WireCloud mashup platform GE in action, please take a moment to view our demo videos. They illustrate some of WireCloud's most innovative capabilities. Jump to one of the following demo videos by clicking on a link below:

FIWARE Lab video tutorial: This video shows an overview of the use of the FIWARE Lab mashup portal:

Live demo video: This video shows the live demo that was performed during the 2nd year review. It clearly shows the potential of WireCloud as a tool for rapid prototyping and for flexible cockpit building.

ENVIROFI UC Project - WireCloud demo

Other videos

WireCloud website

Stay tuned to the website for more information on WireCloud. We will bring you more exciting news soon, including tutorials, new widgets, etc: