Augmented Reality

Advanced Web-based User Interface
Contact Person:
Torsten Spieldenner

What you get

Augmented Reality Generic Enabler is a high-level application programming interface for HTML5 Augmented Reality applications. Required run-time environment is the JavaScript support of a suitable web browser. No plug-ins are required. These applications may rely on the functionality of the other GEs, like XML3D Technology, POI Data Provider, etc.

Why to get it

AR applications will provide additional virtual content on top of the real world surroundings, and enhance the user’s view of the physical world with information that is not directly visible. With the AR GE everything you need to build an AR application is offered through single interface, which makes it easier to develop the application.

Open Specifications

Augmented Reality is an implementation of the FIWARE Augmented Reality Generic Enabler.

More specifically, Augmented Reality implements the following APIs and Open Specifications: