Backend Device Management - IDAS

Internet of Things Services Enablement
Contact Person:
Carlos Ralli Ucendo
carlos.ralliucendo at telefonica dot com


criteria value label
The overall label is the average of all individual labels assessed by Sep 2016
Documentation completeness Poor B
Documentation soundness Poor B
APIs Failure Rate 0,17 tests failed/executed A+
Detected defects by Priority 1,77 average bugs priority A+
Time to respond issues > 15 days D
Time to fix issues > 20 days D
Scalability 1,03 response time/thread number A+++
Performance 140 updates/sec B
Stability Memory/CPU are very slightly increasing but no leak A++
Although taking the binaries from our forge is sometimes an option, you may want to choose automated deployment facilities provided in the FI-WARE Cloud environment you are using. The following is a description of those facilities in the FI-PPP Testbed (available to FI-PPP partners) and the FI-LAB (open to any developer). There are three basic automated deployment mechanisms available:
  • Images. A ready-made Virtual Machine, with the GE deployed and properly configured. This is pretty simple but it does not allow for any customised options and it requires a dedicated Virtual Machine.
  • Deploying a dedicated GE instance in your own virtual infrastructure. There will be images that will allow you to deploy a VM that contains a chef agent. Once such VM is deployed, you can deploy the GE software plus additional software by using automated facilities.
  • Deploying a dedicated GE instance based on blueprint templates for this GE. By integrating or extending a Blueprint Template available for this GE you can define your own Blueprint Template which defines the virtual infrastructure for your applications.
For this particular generic enabler instance the available deployment methods are as follows:

Using the Docker containers

This GE implementation provides Docker containers that can be used to run your own instance.
The Dockerfiles can be found at:

Deploying a dedicated GE instance based on an image

There is currently no image yet for IDAS Release5.
In the meanwhile, please use the global IDAS (IoT Agents) instance as a service, available in FIWARE Lab.
However, if you want to install it in your own VM (at FIWARE Lab or elsewhere) anyway, please check the following subsection out.

Deploying a dedicated GE instance in your own virtual infrastructure

Please, use the following resources:

UL2.0 IoT-Agent (HTTP or MQTT transport):

JSON IoT-Agent (MQTT transport): 

IoT Agent for OMA LWM2M over CoAP:

IoT Agent for SIGFOX devices:

Deploying a dedicated GE instance based on blueprint templates for this GE

There are no recipes created for this GE implementation yet.