Backend Device Management - IDAS

Internet of Things Services Enablement
Contact Person:
Jose Gato Luis
jose.gato at atos dot net


criteria value label
The overall label is the average of all individual labels assessed by Sep 2016
Documentation completeness Poor B
Documentation soundness Poor B
APIs Failure Rate 0,17 tests failed/executed A+
Detected defects by Priority 1,77 average bugs priority A+
Time to respond issues > 15 days D
Time to fix issues > 20 days D
Scalability 1,03 response time/thread number A+++
Performance 140 updates/sec B
Stability Memory/CPU are very slightly increasing but no leak A++
For this particular generic enabler the available deployment methods depend on the selected IoT agent for you integration.
Downloading and deploying a dedicated GE Using the Docker containers This GE implementation provides Docker containers that can be used to run your own instance. The Dockerfiles can be found at: Please refer to each Github repository for further details and explanations.