IoT Broker

Internet of Things Services Enablement
Contact Person:
Stefan Gessler, Flavio Cirillo
iotplatform at neclab dot eu

Iot Broker

criteria value label
The overall label is the average of all individual labels assessed by Sep 2016
Documentation completeness Good A+
Documentation soundness Good A+
APIs Failure Rate 0,07 tests failed/executed A++
Detected defects by Priority 2 average bugs priority A
Time to respond issues 5,6 days A+
Time to fix issues 16,4 days C
Scalability 1,15 response time/thread number A++
Performance 388,95 updates/sec B
Stability Memory/CPU are progressively increasing but no leak A

General Information

Here you will find information about available instances of this Generic Enabler you can use. Please check the associated Terms and Conditions. You may create your own dedicated instances following the instructions provided in the tab "Creating Instances"

The instances of GE implementations under a section called "FIWARE Lab" in the "Instances" tab of the catalogue entry are freely available without restrictions.


FIWARE Lab Instance

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