Kiara Advanced Middleware

Advanced middleware and interfaces to Network and Devices
Contact Person:
Jaime Martin Losa CEO of eProsima - The middleware experts

What you get

Kiara Advanced Middleware is a Java based communication middleware for modern, efficient and secure applications.

Kiara Advanced Middleware is a library which is incorporated into the developed applications, the requirements are rather minimal. In particular it requires no service running in the background.

This first release focuses on the basic features of RPC communication:

  • Easy to use and extensible Application Programmer Interface (API).
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous function calls.
  • Modern Interface Definition Language (IDL)
    • OMG Compliant
    • Syntax based on the Corba IDL.
    • Extended primitive types.
  • IDL derived operation mode for RPC Client/Server implementation
    • either by generating Stubs and Skeletons at compile time → RPC API
    • or by using proxies to provide and call the functions at runtime → RPC Dynamic Types API
  • Support for the publish/subscribe communication model

Later versions will include additional features like:

  • Advanced security features like field encryption and authentication.
  • Application derived and Mapped operation mode providing dynamic declaration of functions and data type mapping.

Why to get it

Implement transparent, fast, secure and standard conform communication between applications or services using a friendly and extendable Application Programming interface (API).

Open specification

Kiara has been designed according to the Advanced Middleware Open Specification.

Kiara is an implementation of the FIWARE Advanced Middleware Generic Enabler. More specifically, Kiara implements the following Open Specifications and APIs: