Marketplace - WMarket

Applications/Services and Data Delivery
Contact Person:
Francisco de la Vega
This GE is in support mode, which means that this GE won't have further evolution, being offered and supported in its current version (Release 4 of FIWARE). The functionality provided by the FIWARE Business Framework will be offered by the new Business API Ecosystem GE, which will be released in the release 5 of FIWARE

What you get

WMarket provides functionality necessary for bringing together offering and demand for making business. These functions include basic services for registering business entities, publishing and retrieving offerings and demands, search and discover offerings according to specific consumer requirements as well as lateral functions like review, rating and recommendation. Besides the core functions, the Marketplace may offer value because of its "knowledge" about the market in terms of market intelligence services, pricing support, advertising, information subscription and more.

Why to get it

The core functionality of the WMarket is to provide you a uniform service interface to discover and match application and service offerings from providers and sources (e.g. published by different stores) with demand of consumers. This core functionality provides a basis for extended services depending on the domain and nature of the target markets.

Open Specification Reference

The Open Specification of the GE can be found in the FIWARE Wiki

The Open RESTful API specification can be found at Apiary