Monitoring GE - Sextant

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Contact Person:
Fernando López, Pablo Rodríguez (Telefónica I+D) {fernando.lopezaguilar, pablo.rodriguezarchilla} at telefonica dot com

What you get

Monitoring GE - TID Implementation is the key component to allow incorporating monitoring and metering mechanisms in order be able to constantly check the performance of the system, but the architecture should be easily extended to collect data for other required needs. Monitoring involves gathering operational data in a running system. Collected information can be used for several purposes:

  • Cloud users to track the performance of their own instances.
  • SLA management, in order to check adherence to agreement terms.
  • Optimization of virtual machines.

The monitoring system is used by different Cloud GEs in order to track the status of the resources. They use gathered data to take decisions about elasticity or for SLA management. Whenever a new resource is deployed in the cloud, the proper monitoring probe is set up and configured to start providing monitoring data.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This GE reference implementation product is only of interest to potential FIWARE instance providers and therefore has been used to build the basic FIWARE platform core infrastructure of the FIWARE Lab. If you are an application developer, you don't need to create a complete FIWARE instance locally in order to start building applications based on FIWARE. You may rely on instances of FIWARE GEris linked to the Data/Media Context Management chapter, the IoT Services Enablement chapter, the Advanced Web-based User Interface chapter or some GEris of the Applications/Services Ecosystem and Delivery Framework chapter (WireCloud) as well as the Security chapter (Access Control). Those instances are either global instances or instances you can create on the FIWARE Lab but can also be instance you can create by means of downloading, installing and configuring the corresponding software in your own premises. 

Why to get it

Monitoring GE - TID Implementation is the monitoring platform to be used in the FIWARE Cloud ecosystem in order to monitoring and metering virtual resources. This middleware unify the monitoring and metering solution, providing the following advantages:

  • Full FIWARE integrated solution
  • This component is integrated with the architecture deployed in the FIWARE and you do not need to do extra work in order to integrate the solution with the rest of Generic Enabler implementation.
  • Non-intrusiveness on resource functionality and performance
  • The Monitoring system not affect the rest of resource functionality nor performance.
  • Deal with metric heterogeneity
  • The Monitoring system deals with different kind of metrics (infrastructure, KPI, applications and product metrics), different virtualization technologies, different products, applications, etc.
  • Scalability in monitored resources
  • The system scales to large numbers of monitored nodes and resources.
  • Service Aggregation
  • The framework aggregates the monitoring information collected at application/service level, which means that it aggregates metrics from virtual machines or hardware resources at service level.

Open Specifications

Monitoring GE - TID Implementation is an open source, reference implementation of the FIWARE Monitoring Generic Enabler. Monitoring GEri does not implement any API and use internally the Orion Context Broker API in order to recover the information related to the Hosts. Please refers to e FIWARE Publish/Subscribe Broker GE Open Specification to get more information about it Additionally, it offers access to the advanced analysis capabilities to be leveraged inside FIWARE.

See FIWARE.OpenSpecification.Cloud.Monitoring for more information on the Monitoring Open Specification.