Object Storage GE - FIWARE Implementation

Cloud Hosting
Contact Person:
Kalman Meth

What you get

This Generic Enabler Implementation provides robust, scalable object storage functionality based on OpenStack Swift. The OpenStack Swift API provides a standardised mechanism to manipulate both the binary objects that are stored, and the hierarchy of containers in which they are organised. This RESTful API can be accessed from any client technology that can communicate over HTTP. By leveraging OpenStack Swift, all the benefits of this rapidly maturing open-source cloud storage solution can be realised. The highly-available, distributed, and scalable features of swift can be exposed using commodity hardware. This GE also provides an extension to OpenStack Swift Object Store called storlets. Storlets are code snippets running in the Object Storage that can be executed when uploding or downloading objects. A Storlet can be used to transform an object or to perform analysis of an object and extract some special information about the object.

Why to get it

OpenStack Swift is a popular, powerful, scalable, distributed, open-source cloud-based object storage platform. By choosing this Generic Enabler for your object storage needs, you can benefit from the robustness of a leading open source storage platform, with extensive open source community and a rich ecosystem of commercial vendors providing products and services based on OpenStack Swift.
The Object Storage Generic Enabler Open Specification is the complete specification of the Object Storage Generic Enabler.