POI Data Provider

Advanced Web-based User Interface
Contact Person:
Ari Okkonen

What you get

POI (Points of interest) Generic Enabler is a web server kit that supports
  • storing information related to locations
  • serving queries by location and other criteria
  • can be configured to meet your data needs

Why to get it

POI Generic Enabler makes it relatively easy to
  • Relate any information to places, e.g.
    • Tourist attractions / services
    • Photos, videos, 3D content
    • Special location data of your business
    • Imaginary items of an outdoor game
    • ...
  • Search information by location and other criteria
  • Store information by location
  • Develop an application that utilizes those capabilities

Open Specifications

POI Data Provider is an implementation of the FIWARE POI Data Provider Generic Enabler Generic Enabler. More specifically, POI Data Provider implements the following APIs and Open Specifications:


Source Code

POI_Data_Provider in GitHub