POI Data Provider

Advanced Web-based User Interface
Contact Person:
Ari Okkonen
Although taking the binaries from our forge is sometimes an option, you may want to choose automated deployment facilities provided in the FIWARE Cloud environment you are using. The following is a description of those facilities in the FIWARE PPP Testbed (available to FIWARE PPP partners) and the FIWARE Lab (open to any developer). There are three basic automated deployment mechanisms available:
  • Images. A ready-made Virtual Machine, with the GE deployed and properly configured. This is pretty simple but it does not allow for any customised options and it requires a dedicated Virtual Machine.
  • Deploying a dedicated GE instance in your own virtual infrastructure. There will be images that will allow you to deploy a VM that contains a chef agent. Once such VM is deployed, you can deploy the GE software plus additional software by using automated facilities.
  • Deploying a dedicated GE instance based on blueprint templates for this GE. By integrating or extending a Blueprint Template available for this GE you can define your own Blueprint Template which defines the virtual infrastructure for your applications.
For this particular generic enabler instance the available deployment methods are as follows:

Deploying a dedicated GE instance based on an image

In order to deploy a dedicated instance of this GEi do the following actions:
  1. Access the FIWARE Cloud Portal (http://cloud.lab.fiware.org)
  2. Login with your login/password (if you don't have a login/password, please register on http://account.lab.fiware.org)
  3. Click on the "Images" option at the left, then "Launch" selecting the row with the name POI_data_provider-5.4.3
  4. Fill in the "Instance Name" and select "Flavor" (this should be at least the "m1.medium" memory model) and press "Next"
  5. Select a Keypair you have created earlier under the Security/Keypairs tab and remember to tick the "default" security group and press "Next"
  6. Press "Next" and then "Launch instance"
In a matter of minutes a ready-to-use VM instance of this GE will appear in the "Instances" area. Remember to open the ports 80, 8080 and 22 at least for the "default" group if not yet done so using the "Edit Rules/Add Rule" action (e.g. From Port 80 To Port 80) in the "Security Groups" tab of the "Security" page. If you want to access your server externally you need to "allocate a new IP to your Project" and "associate this IP" with the server instance you just created above using the "Actions" –menu available under the "Floating IPs" tab. See FIWARE Cloud Portal guide or refer to the Help&Info section for additional information on VM management using FIWARE Lab.

Deploying a dedicated GE instance in your own virtual infrastructure

There are no recipes created for this GE implementation.

Deploying a dedicated GE instance based on blueprint templates for this GE

POI DP Blueprint recipe

Using a Docker container

A Docker container can be used to run your own instance. The Dockerfile can be found here. The DockerHub page for POI Data Provider can be found here.