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Documentation completeness Excellent A+++
Documentation soundness Very Good A++
APIs Failure Rate 0 tests failed/executed A+++
Detected defects by Priority 0 average bugs priority A+++
Time to respond issues < 1 day A+++
Time to fix issues < 1 day A+++
Scalability 1,02 response time/thread number A+++
Performance 1900 updates/sec A+++
Stability No memory leaks detected A+++
Link Description Revision Release Date RPM yum repository Latest - Cygnus code repostory at Github Latest - Steelskin PEP code repository at Github Latest - Orion Context Broker code repository at Github Latest - This corresponds to the VirtualBox image that we provide as "bonus track" to the official deployment mechanisms in FIWARE (FIWARE Lab VMs, RPMs dockers, etc.). Note we don't update VirtualBox image (a costly operation) each time a new Orion version is generated (each month, normally), although it is really easy for the user to get the last Orion version once the image is deployed (just "sudo yum install contextBroker"). (User/pass: fiware/fiware and root/fiware) 0.24.0 October 2015