Repository - Repository RI

Applications/Services and Data Delivery
Contact Person:
Francisco de la Vega
This GE is in support mode, which means that this GE won't have further evolution, being offered and supported in its current version (Release 4 of FIWARE). The functionality provided by the FIWARE Business Framework will be offered by the new Business API Ecosystem GE, which will be released in the release 5 of FIWARE

What you get

The Repository is a core enabler of the FIWare Business Framework. The repository provides a consistent uniform API to USDL service descriptions and associated media files for applications of the business framework. A service provider can use the Repository to publish the description of various aspects of the service according to a uniform description language.

Why to get it

USDL is used in its Linked Data version "Linked USDL". Linked USDL describes services on a metadata level and can refer to supplemental resources of any media type. Therefore the repository must be able to store resources in arbitrary formats. The RDF datamodel of USDL allows to refer to entities of the service description via the resource URL. Therefore Linked-USDL is already well prepared to allow the distribution of service descriptions all over the Internet.