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Applications/Services and Data Delivery
Contact Person:
Francisco de la Vega
Email: Address: School of Computer Science Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Campus de Montegancedo s/n 28660 Boadilla del Monte, Madrid (Spain)
This GE has been deprecated. The functionality provided by the FIWARE Business Framework will be offered by the new Business API Ecosystem GE, which will be released in the release 5 of FIWARE

What you get

Service Business Frameworks (SBFs) represent one of the cornerstones of service ecosystems. The key objective of a SBF is to build and support an ecosystem of applications and services that is sustainable and fosters innovation as well as cross-fertilization. In particular, it consists of a number of interrelated components that support managing services in the business framework across the whole service lifecycle: from creation and composition of services to monetization and revenue sharing.

One key component of the SBF provided by FI-WARE is a Store for selling services to both consumers and developers of Future Internet applications and services and for end-to-end managing of offerings and sales.

While a marketplace is a platform for many stores to place their offerings to a broader audience and consumers to search and compare services and find the store where to buy, a store is owned by a store owner who has full control over a specific service/app portfolio and offerings. The final business transaction (buying) is done at the store and the whole back office process (end-to-end managing of offerings and sales) is handled by the store.

By using the WStore GEri you have access to the following key features:

  • Support for accounting callbacks
  • Support for rich pricing models (including pricing parts for service compositions, composite apps and mashups, pay-per-use modalities, etc.)
  • Support for charging
  • Support for billing
  • Support for revenue sharing
  • Integrated support for PayPal
  • Support for the FIWARE Marketplace, Repository and Revenue Sharing GEs
  • Support for the linked-USDL standard
  • Integrated with the WireCloud GEri by design

Why to get it

The design of the Store generic enabler does not focus on consumer-centric mobile apps, but on selling enterprise-level apps and cloud services that will leverage the FIWARE platform in general and its business framework in particular. Its integrated support for pricing (including pay-per-use modalities), accounting, charging, billing and revenue sharing will position it one step ahead of the current market.

Open Specifications

WStore is an open source, reference implementation of the FIWARE Store Generic Enabler. More specifically, WStore implements the following APIs and Open Specifications related to the FIWARE Business Framework: