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Contact Person:
Francisco de la Vega
Email: Address: School of Computer Science Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Campus de Montegancedo s/n 28660 Boadilla del Monte, Madrid (Spain)

General Information

Here you will find information about available instances of this Generic Enabler you can use. Please check the associated Terms and Conditions. You may create your own dedicated instances following the instructions provided in the tab "Creating Instances"

The instances of GE implementations under a section called "FIWARE Lab" in the "Instances" tab of the catalogue entry are freely available without restrictions.


FIWARE Lab Store Portal

Service Endpoint (URL):
Specific Features:
  • This enabler will be made available as a Service and also as open source code (see the Downloads section)
  • This instance offers up-to-date, full-fledged functionality for experimental purposes
  • Early Support for the FIWARE Marketplace, Repository and Revenue Sharing GEs
  • Early Support for the linked-USDL standard
  • Integrated with the Wirecloud GEi by design

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