Advanced Web-based User Interface
Contact Person:
Lasse Öörni [LudoCraft]
email: lasse dot oorni at ludocraft dot com

What you get

The Synchronization Generic Enabler presents a lightweight and generic network-synchronized dynamic scene data model, and two communication protocols to interact with the model: SceneAPI, a RESTful HTTP API for non-realtime querying and modification of the scene, and a WebSocket-based bidirectional protocol for connected Web clients to receive continuous real-time scene updates, and to post their real-time changes to the scene. It includes a server reference implementation based on the realXtend Tundra SDK, and a JavaScript client library. The scene data model is based on a hierarchy of Entities, Components and Attributes. A typical use case would be the implementation of a dynamic multi-user virtual world, but as the data model is completely generic, it is by no means limited to that use case.

Why to get it

Instead of having to implement a custom data synchronization solution for a networked Web application, utilizing the Synchronization GE gives a ready-made synchronization solution. The WebSocket protocol is appropriate for receiving low-latency, real-time updates, such as the movement of objects in a virtual world. In cases where real-time updates are not needed, an external service can use the SceneAPI and standard HTTP requests without having to rely on a custom network protocol.

Source code (4.4.3) (5.4.3)