Trustworthy Factory

Contact Person:
Sebastien Keller
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What you get

You get the reference implementation of the Trustworthy Factory which help the developer to create trusted applications This is addressed by the Trustworthy Factory GE which thrives on the following major innovations:

  • A trustworthiness-driven (Java) development platform, allowing to instantiate easily the trustworthiness constraints and to produce the related evidence;
  • A specific development platform, dedicated to the development of applications for the trustworthy-by-design execution platform;
  • A Trustworthy Application Certification Platform supporting certificate editing, signature and binding (code labelling tool).

Why to get it

Helping the developer to produce trustworthy application is most for security aspects. Based on Trustworthy attributes (Which are non-functional requirements), the factory help the developer to increase the code quality of his application regarding the trustworthy objectives fixed a the beginning of the project