FIWARE-ready IoT devices and open hardware

FIWARE IoT Ready Programme

Thousands of startups, SMEs and individual developers worldwide are working out their solutions based on FIWARE opensource platform components at present.

More over, around 90 cities from 19 countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific have signed up the OASC alliance membership meaning they intend to share and publish their smartcity data by means of FIWARE interoperability model.

FIWARE IoT Ready program aims to enlarge our open ecosystem connecting relevant IoT hardware producers as technology providers to our large base of developers.

FIWARE ecosystem means a singular and straightforward business opportunity for IoT products:

  • It is simple: FIWARE IoT stack handles well¬≠known IoT protocol standards (MQTT, LWM2M/CoAP, etc) and exposes the same data REST API to developers.
  • It is flexible: using a new IoT protocol standard or even a proprietary one? No problem, a connector library (C++ or node.js) to develop your own connector is provided.
  • It is opensource, and therefore enabling a truly horizontal IoT open ecosystem avoiding developers, companies, technology providers and smartcities platform vendor lock- in.
  • It is profitable: So far, developers needed to search compatible IoT products and find out how to make them work. This program is providing an answer to thousand of developers asking for vendors worldwide and within their region plus specific configuration instructions.
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    In order to join the FIWARE IoT Ready Program, please send us a mail request to: