Products offered as reference implementations of FIWARE GE specifications. They are all open source and there is a commitment to support them by FIWARE active contributors.

PEP Proxy - Wilma

Security PEP Proxy Generic Enabler allows you to secure your back-end services adding authentication and authorization based on FIWARE account


Efficency Description: 


criteria value label
The overall label is the average of all individual labels assessed by Sep 2016
Documentation completeness Very good A++
Documentation soundness Very good A++
APIs Failure Rate 0 tests failed/executed A+++
Detected defects by Priority 0 average bugs priority A+++
Time to respond issues 2,3 days A++
Time to fix issues 10 days A
Scalability 1,02 response time/thread number A+++
Performance 1126,25 proxy requests per second A+
Stability Memory/CPU keep stable A+++